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The Cedar Grove Baptist Church is a church that has a rich history.   Started in 1863 by Rev. Thornton Hairston, the church is the oldest African American Church in Davie County.   The Church was organized, perhaps, during the dark days of slavery and consisted of  the children of slaves in the community.   The church lays claim to great leadership such as:  Rev. Thornton Hairston,  Dr. J.W. Hairston,  F.R. Mason, W.L. Mason, Aler E. Graham, I.H. Mason, W.L. Sloan, R.M. Pitts, K.O. Goodwin, K.. Ingram, R. Coleman, and now Rev. M. A. Franks .  The pioneers left this honorable heritage for the present members of the Cedar Grove Bpatist Church to follow. 

Our church doors swing on Welcome hinges.   come in and join with us Today!

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