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Image by Mike Benna

Picnic in the Park

Every year, the 4th Sunday in June is dedicated to our Picnic in the Park.  It's a chance to get outside of the walls of the "physical" Church and to worship God and fellowship in the Park.  It also is a time of bringing awareness of issues in our community to our people. 

Images of a Picnic

Mrs. Jacqueline Henry, Insight Human Services 

This year, we invited Mrs. Jacqueline Henry from Insight Human Service to talk with us about Drug Abuse.  Mrs. Henry is not just a counselor for Insight Human Services, but she is also works in the Davie County School System.  She has counseled several children and seen first hand the dangers that our young people face as they seek to go to school.  Her talk gave us insight into how young people get their hands on drugs and she shared cautionary tells and preventive measures that we can use to see drug abuse and understand it.  We were Blessed by her being with us. 

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