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Monday After the Sermon.

God specializes in the Hard Stuff. If you have lived one millisecond, then you have experienced the hardness of life. Babies Cry because Life for them is hard. Grown men and women cry because Life for us is hard. Sometimes, if we're honest, we have been tempted just to give up on Life. I'm not talking about dying but sometimes giving up means stop following your goals. Sometimes giving up means settling for less than you are worthy of getting. Sometimes giving up means trying to find something to satisfy your need to get away from the Hard stuff. Well, that's about the same time that God shows up. He shows up and he asks one thing of us.. Trust him. The question is do you look at your situation and laugh at the notion of trusting God? Or do you hear his voice saying Is there anything too hard for me? If you walk on faith and trust him, I'm a witness that he won't leave you sorrowful. I cried out to the Lord and he inclined his ear unto me and heard my cry and pull me out of the horrible pit, out of the miry clay and he placed my feet upon a rock and established my goings. That's how God moves when he sees us in a Hard place and when we call on him in faith.

Everytime that God shows you that he’s able to take care of the Hard stuff of life, your faith ought to be strengthened. For anybody that has ever lost a job and have gotten to the place where you said, God I don’t know what else to do but trust you… after God has come through for you, you ought to be able to say, my faith is now stronger. Because when God handles the Hard stuff of your life, you ought to start to have faith in him that the next time that something hard comes into your life. You are able to give it to him. It’s only the Devil that makes us look so hard at our situation that we forget that God Specializes in the hard stuff. But if I stay close to the Lord, he will bring all things unto my remembrance. If I stay close to the Lord, he strengthens me by reminded me of what he did in the past. And then he says he’s the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. That means that he can be trusted with the Hard stuff.

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